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What exactly is the Roku activation link? Roku link code activation is how you connect and activate your account and begin with binge-watching and enjoying streaming of shows, movies, and series.


What is Roku?

Roku helps or allows you to enjoy the movies, shows a lot more series on your TV by helping you connect through the Internet.

You get to have a Roku device and will be able to download all your favorite streaming channels, YouTube, Netflix, and many more.

If you are already aware of and even if you are not, there are a lot of options available on Roku. You can binge-watch free of cost, or paid subscriptions are also available with added options.


Roku provides you with a lot of media options. Several channels are free of cost, and you can watch them simply by having a secured Internet connection. Having said, there are a lot of channels, and one of them is Netflix. And to begin with, Roku was started in collaboration with Netflix.


You might be thinking, what is the requirement for Roku link code activation? The activation link is how you connect and activate your Roku account. The link when received helps in activating the account.


Roku activation enables you to save a lot of money, entertain yourself at little cost with the use of the Internet. Roku activation is easy on your pocket. All you need is a data connection with high speed, power supply or electricity, and Television or Monitor, or a device to stream shows and movies.


Getting Roku Activation Link

To start with enjoying the services of Roku, you need to set up your Roku account that is very easy, and you can do it all by yourself by following step by step instructions. The way to start this is by visiting the site, setting the account, entering the Roku activation link displayed on the TV screen to activate your account.


Follow the steps below to set up a Roku player. It begins with setting your device.

  • Connect your Roku device and TV while ensuring that the device gets plugged properly with the supply of power.
  • Establish an Internet connection, wired or non-wired.
  • Scan the device and connect it to the computer.
  • Set up and finish with Installation.

When is the Roku code received?

The option to receive the Roku link is

  1. In the beginning, when Roku starts.
  2. The second is when you try to login to your Roku account. At that time you will need the link code for activation.

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Are you getting an Error in the Roku activation code?

After establishing the connection, connect the Roku device and the computer or TV screen following all the instructions. There can still be times when you get an error in Roku link code activation. You might not receive the code due to one or the other reason.

Ideally, most of the time, the users get the code right away and can connect, but they can face errors as we all are not aware of the technicalities.


What to do in case you are facing difficulty in Roku link activation?

  • Checking the connection: In case you have not received the Roku activation link, check your connection. Check all the connecting points, If there is a proper power supply, if the TV and Roku device connects properly or if there is a high-speed data connection. Sometimes there is a power supply, but your Roku device or TV cannot get and receive the power supply.
  • Cross-check all the steps: Cross-check if you have diligently followed all the steps. There is a possibility that you might have missed some steps, and you did not receive the Roku activation link.
  • Creating a Roku account: The next step is to create a Roku account. Make your Roku account to link the Roku account and sync it with your device and enjoy the streaming of movies, TV shows, binge-watching Netflix, YouTube, and many more. The steps of creating a Roku account involve filling in all the information – your full name (first and last name), email ID, and other information. Fill in all the information correctly. The incorrect information may be the one reason for not receiving the activation code.

Receiving the Roku activation link and set up the account

Refer to the steps below to set up your account

  • Set up the connection of your Roku device and the monitor or TV and connect it with the Internet.
  • After the connection – you will get the activation code for linking and setting the account. ( If you don’t receive the link – refer to the reasons mentioned above and resolve the issue)
  • Keep this code to follow the instructions as mentioned on the next page.

The next step after receiving the activation code

The next step to receiving the activation code is entering the code and logging into your Roku account. You will receive instructions to complete the setup. Following the instructions, your Roku account will set up, and you can now access all the channels through Roku.




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