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Today, Roku has created its place in the American market, which is outstanding, and why not? You get to binge on hundreds and thousands of TV shows, entertainment movies, and channels, some free of cost, and some come with little cost. You get to have vast options for entertainment. In addition to this, it is simple to activate Roku but ensure to have a Roku activation code for joining.


Setting up and unboxing of the Roku device.

To enjoy Roku to the fullest and stream endlessly, one needs to set up the Roku device, connect it with the system, get the link code activation, which is the key to activate, and then enter link code and all you are all set for endless entertainment.

  • You begin with unboxing the device and the related add-on accessories.
  • The next step is to connect it with the TV or the system, also make sure there is power, and the TV connects to current properly.
  • You can join the Roku device with the TV or the system using a Cable or HDMI cable or some other device, as per the compatibility.
  • Connect the Roku device with the data or Internet using Wi-Fi or wired cable.
  • If everything gets connected, double-check the connectivity of the ports. It is to ensure the security of the connection.
  • Before moving forward, make sure you have a Roku account to get the Roku activation code and if you don’t have one. Create a Roku account.

Creating a Roku account

Creating a Roku account is as easy as peeling a Banana. And a must if you want to access through the Roku services, want to binge and enjoy hundreds of movies, shows, and series.

  • To create a Roku account, sign up at
  • To create the account, it will ask you to enter the details like Name, email address, and the password to your account.
  • After that, read all the instructions and conditions before agreeing to sign up.
  • After agreeing, you need to go through a check to confirm that you are not a robot. The authentication at this point is for security purposes.
  • And after this – your account is successfully created. I recommend setting up a PIN for additional security, but it is a choice, and you can either set one or not as per your requirement.
  • You can now start loading channels and get access to the services. To make purchases and make payments, you can also add a payment method to facilitate purchases.


Getting Roku link Code

What exactly is the Roku link code? It is the Roku activation code required to activate the Roku account.

  • There are a few steps to be followed during an activation process. Follow them in sequence.
  • Then you have to set up a secured connection and the display as per the need and requirement.
  • Once this is all done, and you move to the next page. On this page, you will need the link code activation.
  • At last, to activate the account, enter link code.


Activating Roku and using Roku Activation Code

  • Set up the Roku player and move on to selecting the desired language, time zone, date, and other settings.
  • Now pair your remote and join the device with an internet connection. You can use a wireless or wired connection, whichever is available.
  • In case you are using a wireless connection, fill in the password and save it for automatic joining for future use.
  • Connect the device and update it with the latest updates and reboot it.
  • After restarting, the Roku activation code will appear on the screen.
  • Now, enter link code and submit it.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up and further start adding channels to your device to enjoy them to the fullest.

Issues in Roku activation

The Roku activation process is simple and easy. You need to follow the instructions as stated, and there you are ready with a secured connection. However, there can be times when some error arises in link code activation, be it due to windows or an Internet connection or something else.

To evaluate the reasons, refer to the points below, as these can be the possible reasons for the error.

  • Power issue: One of the main reasons that there is an error in Roku activation is a faulty power system. Make sure that the current and electric connection is proper and the device and the TV are on.
  • Internet connection: The internet connection established is working at high speed. The Internet connection can be a Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Also, if using a wireless connection – ensure that the password entered is correct, as an incorrect password is another reason for non-activation.
  • Error in Roku Activation code: You can also face an error with the activation code. Make sure you enter the correct code as entering the wrong code is one mistake done often by most people.
  • Code Expiration: Whenever you get an activation code, it associates with time. In simple words, the code is time-bound. You need to enter the code in a specified time, after which it expires if not used.

These are the few reasons for the error, and if avoided, you can stream everything endlessly.


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