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Roku devices help you stream thousands of online channels and online content. The Roku device package has a wireless remote control. Some Roku remotes don’t require pairing whereas some remotes require to be paired. In this case, you are required to just simply pair Roku remote.


How to pair Roku remote

Follow the below quick and easy steps to know how to pair Roku remote with your Roku device. The enhanced remotes will get easily connected, these remotes generally have on/off buttons, remote finding alerts, and more enhanced features.

  1. Put the batteries in your Roku remote.
  2. Make certain that the Roku is switched on and running.
  3. Keep the remote close to your device. The Roku device will then identify the remote and perform pairing automatically.


Manually pair Roku remote with a Roku device

The Roku remotes generally pair automatically with the Roku remote, but just in case if you want to re-pair or reset a Roku remote, the process is quite simple. Follow the below steps to know How to pair Roku remote :

  1. Remove the batteries from your Roku remote.
  2. Unplug your Roku device and reconnect it after 2 minutes.
  3. When the Roku device reboots, it will instruct you to pair your remote. If you don’t see the message that means the Roku remote requires to be paired.
  4.  Thereafter, the home menu reflects on your TV screen. Insert the batteries in your remote and keep the battery slot open.
  5. Find the pairing button in the battery compartment. If you don’t find one, there is a possibility that you have a standard IR remote.
  6. After locating the pairing button inside your remote, press and hold the pairing button for around 5 seconds. If you don’t see the pairing light, hold it till you notice the pairing light on the remote start to flash. Just in case the flight does not flash, try again.
  7. Wait for about 30 seconds and let the Roku device perform the remote pairing process. Thereafter, a message on your TV will appear saying the pairing has been completed and now the remote is ready to control your Roku device.


In case you have a standard IR remote, make sure that the following steps are complete to have a proper remote:

  • At first, make sure that there is no problem, as the remote only works if it’s faced directly to your Roku device.
  • Also, make sure that the batteries are well set in their place.
  • Moreover, replace the batteries if you think they are not yet working.


How to pair a new Roku remote

Lost your Roku remote? Or Roku remote not pairing. No issues, with the below simple steps you can easily know how to pair Roku remote. You can quickly pair a new remote or add another remote to control the Roku device.


  1. With your Roku remote, go to the Home menu by selecting on the Home icon.
  2. Scroll down to see Settings on the Category section on the left side.
  3. Select Remote.
  4. Then choose the Pair Remote option.
  5. The screen will then display you the remote that’s currently paired.
  6. Choose the Right Arrow option.
  7. The next page will give you the instructions you require for pairing your new remote. Follow the given instructions to pair Roku remote.
  8. If the pairing doesn’t happen on the first try, repeat the steps again.


Just in case you wish to move ahead with making your Roku app as your Roku remote, you can follow the below steps. To use your Roku device without a remote, download the Roku app on your phone or tablet. Connect the Roku device with the app with the same WiFi network as your Roku device.

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  1. Download and install the Roku app. For android users, the app is available on the google play store and for iPhone users; the app is available on Apple ap store.
  2. Begin the app and follow the instructions appearing on the screen. For the first-time users, you will see the terms and condition message, you will have to agree to the terms and services. Then you will go through a quick guide.
  3. Next tap on Devices options. The device option appears at the bottom of your screen. For the first-time users, you will have to click on OK to enable it to locate your Roku devices.
  4. Thereafter, choose your Roku device.
  5. Then select the Remote icon. You will notice this icon once you select your device.
  6. Lastly, you can use the remote on your Roku app to manage your TV. Make certain that you use the same WiFi network on your phone as well as the Roku device. Always make sure to choose the official Roku app as there a lot of third-party apps.


Knowing How to Pair Roku remote allows you to control your Roku device in a hassle-free manner. Easily pair Roku remote with your Roku device and enjoy unlimited streaming with your family and friends.

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