New Advanced Printers of HP

Head of HP printer Enrique Lore’s wants to give a better experience about their printer, so now he is working on a technology where if you like a photograph than just by a one swipe you can get the printout of that picture, so that you can feel that the good times in your hand or even if you want you can stick that picture on your refrigerator. So to get that experience from the customers HP Printer support team is trying to make these things easier for their customers. Even the ink that is going to be used for that is not going to be dried out very easily.

Enrique Lore’s is working on creating a printer that you will love to see, one of the examples of that printer is Sprocket Printers. It is very small in size looks like a purse. Now the HP support team is also working on a project of Japanese hotel where they are going to design hotel room walls, floors and even furniture that you can see by the Olympic 2020.

As per Lore’s, he said that nowadays customer is spending there a lot of money in buying a good furniture so that they can hide their printers. That is the reason why they have also decided to take a huge step in designing the printers if printers will be colorful and designed then people will love to show their printers with everyone. HP technicians are designing a small printer so you can take print anywhere.

Lore has said that people nowadays only click a photograph on their phone, but out of which, how many of them really look them back they are still in your devices. After some time you might forget about that picture that even you have clicked the picture or not, but if we talk about a physical photo you can stick them on your fridge you can frame that on your wall so every time when you see to that picture you will recall your memories so Lore’s want to get the same joy back when people really took the image in their hand and felt happy. Even they are adding a voice command feature on the printer where just by your voice command your printer is going to print a photo.

You can see that by this year HP USA Sales & Support team will start selling their first textile printer products. And we are even working on a printer in which we can print on a cardboard as well, and also on every plastic material. You can see by this year-end, we will launch a printer that will print on a rigid substance like a door. People do say if we use printers than they required paper and paper came out of cutting of trees. If your thoughts are also same then you might have thought the things which are happening a long time back. If we talk about a paper which came from printing nowadays have also come from the tree, But those trees are specially grown for papers. If the demand for the printer will be less than all those trees were also not going to be planted and that is a different long story which is harder to understand. So that is why so many trees are planted because they know that there is a need for papers.

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