How to Update Garmin Nuvi

For the best driving directions on the road, ditch your Smartphone and go with Nuvi. Garmin Nuvi is a straightforward easy-to-use GPS navigator. It does not depend on cellular signals and is not affected by cellular dead zones. Nuvi is one of the most preferred series from Garmin GPS services. Updating Garmin Nuvi time and again make certain that you will have a secure and accurate route direction. However, following the old maps can make you meet dead ends sometimes. Now the question that arises is “How to update Garmin Nuvi”. This blog will help you learn in detail regarding updating Garmin Nuvi.


How to Update Garmin Nuvi with Garmin Express?

Whether you have bought Paid Garmin maps or require free Garmin updates. Garmin express is important. Garmin Express is an application created to manage Garmin devices. It is used for map and software updates, device registration, syncing fitness data, and so on. Garmin Express performs Nuvi updating as a simple task. Maps’ latest updates present the latest accessible mapping data to make sure that your device continues to determine specific and efficient routes for your desired destinations. Know how to update Garmin Nuvi with below mentioned easy steps:


    • At first, you need to start the browser on your device. 
    • Then on your computer, go to
    • This will lead you to the download links for Windows and Mac Operating systems. 
    • After that, to install on a Windows computer, select Download for Windows.
    • And to install on a Mac computer, select Mac Version. 
    • Proceed with the Garmin Express installation step to make it available to run. Double click the file to run and begin the installation process. 
    • After that, see the license agreement of the software and if you are okay with it, choose the “Install” button. Once the installation completes, choose the Launch Garmin Express icon to start the application.
    • Connect your Garmin device and computer with a USB cable/Ethernet cable.
    • Now, click on the “Add a Device” symbol on your system. The software will then start searching for your Garmin device. 
    • When the screen indicates the connection to be successful, choose the “Add a device” button. The button is provided below your device name. However, if you don’t find your device, click on the “search again” link.
    • Enter the email address for registration.
    • Thereafter, register your device by registering your email address. Then select the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.
    • Next, Sync with Garmin Connect and then log in to your Garmin account. Follow the below instructions for signing in.
    • Select the blue “Sign In” button.
    • Enter your email address and password where required. Thereafter click on the “Sign In” button.
    • If you don’t already have a Garmin account, click on “Create an account”. Then follow instructions displayed on the screen for account creation.
    • Once you have reached the “MyGarmin” dashboard, choose the “MyMaps” tab.
    • All available updates including purchased ones will be available there. Click on the “View Details” next to the “Map Updates”. 
    • Now choose the “Install” button. You can further select “Install All” to download each available Nuvi update.
    • The license agreement page will appear on the next window screen. Always go through the terms and conditions of the license agreement carefully. If you agree to all the terms and conditions, select the “I Agree” option. Then click on the Continue button to continue with the updating process. 
    • Next, the map updates will start downloading on your Garmin Express, then will transfer to your Nuvi device.
    • Now the Garmin Express will display the current process of updating the application. It will display the percentage completed, downloading speed of the application, estimated, and remaining time. 
    • Wait for the Garmin Nuvi update to complete. After the update procedure gets completed, close the Garmin Express application system and restart it.
    • At last, you need to unplug the Nuvi device from your computer. But wait for sometime before you disconnect both, as the software takes some time to install all the downloaded files.

Therefore, this completes the Garmin Nuvi update procedure successfully with Garmin Express software. And brings an end to the question of How to update Garmin Nuvi. However Map updates are very long and this method may take a long time. Hence you should have a stable and fast internet connection. The latest software installed is essential for getting the best experience. Following the above steps will surely get you all the required Garmin Nuvi updates. 


Advantages of Garmin devices

 Garmin devices are great to use, especially for the people who are in a continuous need to track their location and navigation. There are many reasons Garmin devices are trustworthy and best to use. The advantages are : 


  • More straightforward navigation and tracking location while traveling. This is the first and most prominent advantage of using the Garmin system. 
  • Almost all of the Garmin’s are multi-functional.
  • They are accessible in various designs and colors that are for every type of person.
  • The Garmin Nuvi device is of specific benefit to the users who opt for special functions.
  • It provides a 3-D layout of the view of the street or the lane. 
  • It also helps in recognizing the junctions and path to Direct information. 

Garmin software is a well-functioning and secure application and it is the best solution for tracking the directions. The Garmin needs to be updated time and again for new functions and smooth running. With the above-mentioned steps, you know How to update Garmin Nuvi. So move ahead and update Garmin Nuvi and enjoy the new features. 

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