How to fix the slow connection issue in your wireless

Every so often, it happens that we are not getting a good internet speed it can be due to any reason, either you are paying for slow internet or your internet service provider are not providing you correct speed.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot or simply persevere a slow Internet connection:-

Check your Speed
Sometimes, the reason for slow internet is that you are paying for slow Internet. To confirm your internet speed or plan you can call your service provider support team or you can log onto to your provider’s website and find out what plan you have. Then you can check the speed on If the speed is matched to what you are paying or matched with your plan then, it means your network is fine and you are just paying for slow internet. If the number doesn’t match what you are paying them, it means there is some problem in the Internet connection. Here are some ways to fix that problem.

Troubleshoot your Hardware
Directly complaining to your Internet provider, reset your modem and router by turning them off and on again and see if you get better speed after soft resetting it. Check the other devices in your house if your facing same problem in other devices then it’s a problem with connection but if the problem is only a computer then the problem is in that computer, not your router or modem.

Fix your Wi-Fi Signals
if you are using Wi-Fi, then there is a possibility that your router and the internet is fine. The signals of your wireless are weak, causing slow speed. In this case, you need to boost your router with few advanced tricks.

Turn Off Bandwidth – Hogging Plugins and Apps
If there is no problem in Hardware, then check which programs are hogging the connection. File–syncing services like Dropbox, Google drive probably moving data in the background, which comes to slow down your internet speed. Quit those applications if you find them moving. If you are downloading files by using Bit Torrent, then the speed of your internet is slow while using any other browser. Try to install extensions like Ad Block plus this will help us to block some of the bandwidth hogging ads and video that can use your connection. If you do so your internet speed will remain good.

Optimize Your Web for a Slow Connection
Troubleshooting the internet speed will take some time, and in the meantime, you need to browse something or maybe you are traveling or in a restaurant and there you can’t do anything for your slow speed. In this Condition, you have to optimize your web for slower connection and use features like Opera Turbo. We recommend you to set up a secondary browser on your laptop this will help you when you need to work on a slow connection.

Work Smart
If you require to work on a slow connection then you need to prioritize tasks differently. You need to separate your work into bandwidth-heavy and bandwidth-light ones. Complete the light ones in slow internet connection and make a group of heavy ones together and complete the task of heavy files ones you get a faster connection. And if you are not able, you are not able to get faster speed at home then you can even borrow a relative just for those tasks. If you plan your work perfectly then, you will never face the slow connection problem.

Contact your ISP or Router Support
If you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps and still you are getting slow speed so it’s time to call your Internet service provider and see if the problem is on their end. If you are not getting the proper speed and you go through all the necessary steps and your Internet service provider support can’t help you so it’s time to change the internet service provider to get better plans and better speeds. Sometimes it could be due to the router firmware so try to update the latest firmware software on the router. If you can’t find about firmware software update please feel free to contact router support for assistance. You can get online live chat support of your own router device.

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