How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Roku is one of the biggest names in the streaming world. Roku enables you to stream your favorite shows, series, movies, sports, drama, and so on. It provides you with unlimited streaming options. However, several times Roku users may face some issues and errors while using the device. One of the common errors is Roku error code 009. This happens when the device is incapable to connect with the internet. The error 009 indicates that the Roku device is connected to the router but has not got connected to the internet or WiFi signals. Now you must be thinking about How to fix Roku error code 009, Don’t be bothered, you can try to fix it with some of the measures given below.

How to Fix Roku error code 009

To fix error 009, you can go with the following list of solutions:

Restart your Router

When you are facing Roku error 009, restarting the router is one such solution to the problem. Generally, restarting the router fixes the error. Hence, you must always try to reset or restart the router first whenever your Roku is not able to connect to the internet. Simply restart the router and connect it again with the Roku device. Now check if the error has been resolved.


Power cycling the Device

One of the usual reasons for this error code 009 Roku is the error with the configuration launching. Hence, power cycling clears the cached data and help solve error code 009.

> Unplug the power cord from the main power source.
> For about 15 to 20 seconds, hold down the power button.
> Now re-plug the power cord and switch on the Roku device.
> Finally, wait for the device to turn on.


Reset Software

There are chances that the software must have been corrupted, which therefore shows an error. You should try resetting software settings. Please follow the below steps which will help you to know How to Fix Roku Error Code 009.

> Open Roku with your Roku account.
> In the settings section, choose the system option.
> Now select System Restart and then on Factory Reset option.
> Wait for the device to get restarted and check if the issue still continues.


Update Router’s Firmware

An outdated router’s firmware may be a plausible reason you are facing Roku error code 009. You should update your router’s firmware immediately. This might benefit you to resolve the issue.


Resetting Network Settings

Resetting the network configurations can also help to remove error 009.

> Log in to your Roku account.
> Go to the settings section and click on System.
> Now choose the System Restart option and click on Network Connection Reset.
> The Roku device will then reset and it will restart.
> Once the device turns on, click on “Settings” and then click on the Network option.
> Now choose the WiFi option and then select Setup a New WiFi Connection.
> Choose your WiFi connection and then choose I am at home option.
> Choose Automatic for all further options.
> Fill in the password.
> Once it’s connected, verify if the issue continues.


Check for your Roku device

Make sure that your device is working accurately or not. Roku error code 009 may also occur if your Roku device is not working accurately.


Contact Internet Service Provider

If you see that the internet connection is not being able to connect even after performing the above steps, check with your internet service provider. There are chances that the server is down or there is a backend technical problem.

If you face a Roku error and don’t know How to Fix Roku error code 009 you must follow the necessary steps mentioned above and resolve the internet and router issue and enjoy effortless streaming.


Possible reasons for Roku error

There can be numerous reasons that your error 009 and different devices have different reasons for the occurrence of error. However, the most common and possible reasons are:

Internet Connection: Roku streaming service needs a firm and fast internet connection for error-free streaming. The poor, unstable, or weak internet connection can be one of the most common causes of the Roku Error message.

Device Configuration: In certain scenarios, the device faces internal issues that further restrict it to connect to the servers correctly. These internal issues can be due to a flaw with the system software or corrupted software which effects its functionalities.

Improperly attached Cables: Loose or damaged cables involved in connecting the devices can be the reason for the error. Therefore, one must make sure that there isn’t any issue with the wires and that they are plugged accurately.

DNS Cache: In a few cases, the DNS configurations that are maintained by the Router to attach to the internet are corrupted. This can hinder the connection setting process. As it prohibits some DNS servers from being able to connect.

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Whenever you face error code 009 on Roku, it indicates your device cannot access the internet. The above-discussed method will help you in eradicating error code 009. The simplest way to fix the issue is to restart both your router and your streaming player. It generally works for most of the cases.

As you have the answer for how to fix Roku error code 009, hurry up and solve the issue and enjoy streaming with your friends and family.


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