Roku is a media Streaming device that works on the Internet. It is a quite famous streaming device that allows us to watch episodes of the different genre such as Music, movies, sports, kids, adventure, games and many more from the internet.

There are basically three types of Roku Devices available in the market
• Roku Streaming Stick
• Roku Box
• Roku TV

The Roku device is connected with the help of the HDMI port which is situated at the back of the TV. There are thousands of channels and services available over the Roku which includes all the top movies and TV streaming services. The Roku services include Google Play, Amazon Go video, Hulu, Sling, Vudu, Netflix and many other channels. Roku is the best streaming service that allows you to watch international content al almost free or at a very cheaper price. Over Roku, you can subscribe to any channel that you want separately out of hundreds of options available. Roku Streaming Stick quite portable, you can access them from any part of the world, the only condition is that you need to have an Internet connection.

Steps to Set Up Roku

Before you start using the device we should know the set-up process which includes connecting the Roku device and setting up the account

Let us now check the complete Procedure:-

• First of all, connect the Roku device to the back of your TV with the help of HDMI cable
• Insert one end of the HDMI cable to the back side of the TV and the other end to the back side of Roku Device.
• Now connect your Roku device to the Power socket with the help of the Adapter that came along with the Roku Device
• Select the Preferred language and Push OK
• Now as you know the Roku is a streaming service that works over the internet so we need to connect this device to the Internet. It can connect to the Internet by both wired and wireless media. A wired connection will be done with the help of an Ethernet Cable and Wireless connection will be done by choosing the name of your WIFI and putting in the correct password of the same.
• As soon as it gets connected to the internet it will download the latest software update.
• After getting updated to the latest software, Roku device would start loading and will provide you a three-step activation process.
• The first step is to go to using any mobile phone, tablet or computer
• Now Enter Roku activation Unique code available on the screen
• Once you enter the link code the website will ask if you already have an account or you need to create one
• If you already have an account then put in your Login Details
• If you don’t have an account then follow the onsite procedure to set up a new account
• Once the account is set up and the code has been activated your device is ready to work
• After completing this process you will see a screen saying “CONGRATULATIONS”

Now you are all set to enjoy your streaming service Anytime Anywhere.

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